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Chivaviro remains a Gallants player, ducks Richards Bay question

Ranga Chivaviro is hot property in local football with a big fight brewing over which team he belongs to, but he insists he is still a Marumo Gallants player. 

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Richards Bay have claimed to have signed the 30-year-old striker on a pre-contract in January. And any team interested in Chivaviro should speak to them.

But speaking on Sports Night Amplified With Andile on Tuesday evening, Chivaviro could neither deny nor clarify if he had signed anything with the KwaZulu-Natal side.

“Honestly speaking, I am still a Marumo Gallants player. And it is speculation, someone out there is trying to put on their table which I respect,” said Chivaviro. 

“But I am sure when Ranga knows where his next move will be, everyone else will know. But as of now, Ranga Chivaviro is a Marumo Gallants player.

When pressed about the Richards Bay issue, he could not give a straight answer and said his agent is the one who knows what is happening.

“About that, the conversation, yes (we did speak) but I don’t want to get into that too much. I think the bottom line is that Ranga Chivaviro belongs to Marumo Gallants. 

“To tell you the truth, let me not comment on that because I do not want to cause any confusion.” 

Kaizer Chiefs, who are also known admirers of Chivaviro who scored 17 in all competitions this season, are said to have started speaking to Richards Bay about a possible transfer.  

Chivaviro linked to Chiefs

The Naturena side were believed to have had their pre-season photoshoot on Tuesday, and Chivaviro was asked if he had been a part of it.

“I am in Secunda. I was in Joburg earlier on to see my mom because she is in Joburg. I am in Secunda now and I went to Joburg because my mom said she wants to see and my daughter stays with her.,” said Chivaviro.

“There were some documents I needed to sign for my daughter. I am just trying to relax my mind and wait to see which move would be most suitable for me. When it comes to where I want to play, I let my agent know. 

“If anyone calls me, I direct them to him. I told him and said, lalela ndoda (listen man), you know this is what Ranga wants. 

“This, this, and that. You know where I want to play. He knows that Ranga wants to be here, so he gets most of the calls. 

“So, he is the one with all that information. I cannot clarify to you right now where Ranga will end up and those kinds of things. 

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“I am home trying to get rest and give my family some time. At the moment I cannot speak about something I do not know. I will only speak of what I have, which is Marumo Gallants.” 

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