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What does Man City star Erling Haaland earn per season

He is just 22-years-old but Erling Haaland has already made some serious bank in his football career and his Man City contract is nothing to be sniffed at.

Haaland made a blockbuster return to the country of his birth when he signed for Manchester City.

His signing has helped the club finally secure the Champions League.

Norway’s biggest sports star

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Manchester City's Norwegian striker Erling Haaland celebrates. Photo: AFP
Manchester City’s Norwegian striker Erling Haaland celebrates. Photo: AFP

Of course, Haaland is as Norwegian as they come but he was born in Leeds while his father Alf Inge was plying his trade as a far more workmanlike fullback.

Haaland looks like a Norse hero who wouldn’t be amiss on the cast of Vikings.

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He doesn’t terrorise English Monasteries but English defenders might have preferred Haaland stay at Dortmund.

Haaland is already past 25 Premier League goals and scores hat-tricks for fun so it is understandable that Manchester City have forked over huge amounts to him in salary and signing bonuses.

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How much does Erling Haaland earn?

It has been reported that Haaland earns somewhere in the region of £900k (R19.1 million) a week, or around £35m (R745 million) per season.

A modest £51 million release clause allowed Manchester City to get him away from Dortmund at a reduced rate.

Haaland was happy to join a club his father had played for and the salary package was clearly enticing.

How rich is Erling Haaland: Net worth

Erling Haaland has a reported net worth of $40 million (R672 million), with that figure set to skyrocket in the coming seasons.

While Haaland’s salary is likely to stay the same for a little while at least, he keeps attracting new commercial partners.

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He currently enjoys sponsorship deals with Nike, Luxury watchmaker Breitling and Nordic streaming service Viaplay.

Haaland owns a stake in sports tech and nutrition company Hyperice.


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